Hello My Quilting Friends

Again I haven’t been around much. I finally got my new sewing room floor put down. Started with the hubby helping me, yet lets just say he had no idea of what he was doing. So the man who was going to do the job couldn’t, he came down with covid 19. So we waited. Many weeks, and he finally was able to do the floor. Nice wooden floor. Now I have moved all of my sewing stuff, to the new room. Now I am sorting it all out. I had no idea of how much I actually have. Its going to be amazing after I get it all done. Lots of Fabrics!

With Christmas here, I have been decorating the house. We all decided this year since we can’t see each other, only gifts will be for the kids. It feels strange to not see anyone. Due to my bad lungs I haven’t been allowed by my doctor to leave my house. So Its been a long lonely time. My husband is only home a day and half. He works 70 hours driving a truck.

But still I decorated, for hubby and I. Plus we are having fun getting each other gifts! .

Here is my house decorated for Christmas! Hubby and I are exchanging gifts and for all the grandkids!

Merry Christmas to all and Happy Holiday!

Hugs Morgan oxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hello My Quilting Friends

It has been a long while since I have visited my blog. In the last 4 years, I have been caring for both my mom and dad. My dad passed away first and I truly miss him. My mom just passed away 2 months ago, after caring for her every minute of my life for 3 years.

I am just coming up for air. I have been in a weird way like lost. It is funny that now when I have all the time in the world to do what I love, quilting, knitting, sewing, and baking. I find the days fly by and I actually don’t know what I have done. I guess this is what depression feels like.

Anyway, recently I started to feel some parts of me coming back. Its been so hard to care for two parents. I dreamed of when I could get back to quilting. Anyhow I will be using this web page to show what I do and share quilts from the different groups I belong to.  

I also going to throw in my grandson Chase. Looking back at this website, he was just a little baby. Well, he is now 6 years old.  

I will update my site with a few pictures of him.  

I am right now starting a quilt, from the group of Jodi Barrows. I love her techniques. I have been with her for years. Square in a Square.com

Hugs Morgan oxoxoxoxooxo

This is the quilt I am making now.

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Hello My Dear Quilting Friends !



Hello My Dear Quilting Friends !   Its been awhile since I have been here. Many things have been going on, a bit of quilting… and working on my business website.  Its a quilting shop, that I am going to be opening very soon.  I have also been very busy with my two puppies,  which keep me busy.   Will be leaving with my DH, and both dogs…. to go in a few weeks to the Florida Keys.   We have this awesome spot to stay at. Right on the water. We love it there.  This will be our 5th Year… staying in the same spot.  


                            Nana (me) with Chase my 5 month old grandson…….   doing a little baby sitting at my sons home.    






                                                                       A quilt I like very much.






Well everyone have fun quilting away!   I shall be doing a lot of work after our vacation…..  I will do some on our vacation too!

                                                              Hugs Morgan oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

My Dear Quilting Friends

I have had so many things in my life that kept me from my sewing room.  Family things.  Yet all seems to have smoothed down now and I can go out to my fun sewing room. Finally!!!   I have a few projects going on.  I will post pictures as I move along with these projects.   

Have a wonderful day !!!!!  Hugs Morgan oxoxoxoxoxoxoImage

This is another reason…sewing hasn’t been my top thing to do… Here is Chase.  He loves to lay on the top of the couch, and look outside.   A very Happy baby!   This picture is Nana(me) and Chase!