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Hello My Dear Quilting Friends

Again, I have been away from my blog. I have been busy,
though. I am starting to feel like my self after/
my mom passed away in Feb. 22nd 2020. The room my mom had been staying in.. which is much bigger than my sewing room. I have been taking the carpet out, painting the walls, and installing the wood floor in the new sewing room.
I would show you what it looks like now, but I am not going to. It’s;
still a big mess. I need to start painting some tables, and file cabinets, and; sewing tables.
I am going white. My walls are a light turquoise. I had ordered two big tall shelves which will hold a lot. On the tops of these shelves, I am going to put some of my sewing machines. One is many years old.
You will see them all soon.
I have only 35 percent lung compacity. Lungs Burnt on Chemicals. Cleaning Chemicals back in 2006. So I live on oxygen. I was 53 years old then. A Hairdresser for 38 years. My passion it never felt like work. I loved making each person look great.
I can tell you all of the good things from those good old days.
Right now, I am doing my second passion, Quilting! If I ever get all these things accomplished. I do hand sewing at night while I have my oxygen on. I made the blocks from tiny pieces of small fabrics. Scraps!!!
Well, you all have a wonderful evening!

Hugs Morgan oxoxoxoxoxo

Summer is Here!!!!!!

Chase 6 years
My son and his family on vacation July 2020
Puppies had to get their toys near my blocks LOL
Bought a up off the ground planter. Dogs won’t kill my garden now.
My Blocks I make in bed while getting my oxygen Very Relaxing !!!
Room where I will be moving into This was when I first started the room.
My puppy Evy 7 years old
Miss Evy
Miss Sheba 7 years old very sweet but can’t be trusted

2 thoughts on “Hello My Dear Quilting Friends

  1. From one quilty to another, I really glad to see that you are keeping busy. I lost my mum over 10yrs ahi now. It felt like I lost her 3 times over as she was also my friend and my patchwork teacher. I have not forgotten her but I have managed to carry in as I hope you can.
    I look forward to seeing you newly spruced workroom.
    Happy quilting xx